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By: Alison Ollikainen and Tiia Pelkonen

We are a research consortium funded by the Academy of Finland for 2018-2025. We consist of four groups with complementary expertise and to put it broadly, we study cancer and aim to improve the understanding of genome function and bring that understanding into the practice of medicine.

If you have ever wondered what cancer research actually involves, or you are already in the field and want keep up with how our science is progressing, then stick with us, cause we want to start broadcasting what we do, our research, collaborations, future focus and long term goals in the hopes that we can make science and research accessible, relatable and bitesized!

This blog is for everyone, you’ll meet our staff and students, collaborators and more!

To find out more about the Finnish Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics, and the four collaborative groups, then please visit our website and follow us on twitter!

We hope you enjoy the up and coming blogs, vlogs and highlights of what happens behind the scenes in cancer research!

Members of the Center of Excellence in 2018
Kicking-off the new Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics, January 2018